meet cassiopeia.

We’re the new Boulder-based home for cyclists to connect, learn, and grow. We’re here for all—but ladies first. Shop, fuel, recover, and build community with us.

Shop the finest collection of cycling goods and essentials, curated by cyclists like you.

Fuel and refuel before, during, and after your ride. Learn about our made-to-order coffee and waffles, nutritious grab-and-go items, and full café menu.

Our first of its kind velospa offers recovery services for you and your bike. Get your body, mind, and bike right.



We ride bikes because it gives us freedom to explore, play, and push our limits. We chase the empowerment that comes from pedaling for miles; the connections that come with every group ride, coffee stop, or flat tire.

We’re Cassiopeia: a new home to connect with other cyclists, explore your personal style, build confidence, and reach new personal bests. We’re here for all, but ladies first, because we deserve a space to shine.

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