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Sweet Protection makes the most advanced cycling helmets.  Their passion is your protection.

Trusted by Professionals

Sweet Protection is one of the main partners of Uno-X Mobility, the first pro cycling team from Scandinavia.  They are proud to support both the men’s and female’s team with road bike helmets and sport performance glasses as the pros aim to make their mark in the major pelotons and compete in the prestigious Tour de France 2024.

Introductory Special for Ned Gravel Participants

Sweet Protection is proud to sponsor Ned Gravel, just outside of Boulder, CO.  All participants have received a special code for a 20% discount off a new Sweet Protection Helmet.  Order your new helmet now via pre-order and Cassiopeia will have it ready for you shortly.  You can also redeem your code in store beginning August 25, our grand opening.


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